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Stay tuned for Sun Rider 9 Records very first album release of SUNJAM! Summer 2020

SUNJAM is now streaming everywhere! Sun Rider 9 Records first release!!

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We are honored to present the World Premier sneak peek of the song “Lightning Field” that will be on our upcoming album SUNJAM which is slated for release Summer 2020!

Thanks to John Grant at Secret Sound Studio for all his hard work on this 10 song record and to Sun Rider 9 for putting this promo video together.

Written by PJ DeBoy and performed by Sporatic Sunjam.

Please enjoy this first ever glimpse of what’s to come and stay tuned for more promotional work and our very first single release in the coming weeks…

First release from Sun Rider 9 Records.

Click this link above to access the song on all streaming platforms.

Check out our very first single release of “Flesh and Bone/ Milkweed” featuring Amber Martin from Sporatic Sunjam. Sun Rider 9 Records very first release.

“Flesh and Bone/ Milkweed” featuring Amber Martin is from the Sporatic Sunjam album SUNJAM.

Song written by PJ DeBoy. Performed by Sporatic Sunjam.

Joe Gallagher – Guitar, Vocals

PJ DeBoy – Guitar, Vocals

Dennis Barth – Bass

Ryan Bowen – Drums

Amber Martin – Vocals

John Grant – Banjo

Recorded and engineered by John Grant at Secret Sound Studio. Produced by John Grant, Sun Rider 9 Records and Sporatic Sunjam.

Video edited and produced by Sun Rider 9 Productions.

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In the studio with John Grant at Secret Sound in Baltimore working on the new album “Sunjam”. PJ DeBoy captures this photo from his computer in St. Petersburg Florida while Skyping to have a look and sound inside the lab. Long distance productions.


It is extremely important to support your local music scene. The music venues rely heavily on bringing in enough revenue not only to stay in business, but also to have a place for local bands to perform shows. Without supporting these clubs and venues these places will disappear and the local music scene will be gone.

Did you know that most bands use their own hard earned money to pay for and produce their own albums? There is a lot of hard work that goes into practicing, writing, performing, and recording these records. Not to mention the hard work and dedication of the sound engineers. Most bands do not sell enough albums and songs to recoup the cost of making an album. In today’s digital age people seem to take advantage of listening to music on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Bands receive very little money if any at all from these streaming services.

This is why it is extremely important for you to do your part in helping to keep the local music in your community alive. Spend $9.99 for a CD. Or even buy a few songs for as little as .99 cents each. A little bit of support from the people goes a long way for these musicians. Helps to purchase guitars, drums, amps and other music equipment. It may help pay for practice spaces that have monthly rental fees. And also help record that next album or CD. Or even create a music video.

Below here are links to purchase songs and albums to help keep the local music scene in Catonsville alive.  Please show your support. Buy some music and show these musicians some love! And add some incredible music to your digital library! It’s a win win!


Band photo 1


On Bandcamp @


Band photo 2

Sporatic Sunjam

On iTunes @ Sunjam 

At CD Baby @

On Bandcamp @


Band photo 3

Society Fringe Players

On iTunes @

On Bandcamp @



Band photo 4
Photo by Greg Ketterman @

Stone Dust Riders

At CD Baby @

On iTunes @

On Bandcamp @


Band photo 5

The Players Band 

On iTunes @

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Band photo 6

Circle 9

On itunes @

On Bandcamp @



“Stress” is written by Jeff Neuman and performed by the band Lumber. From Baltimore, Maryland.

Cabbage – Drums

Jeff Neuman – Vocals, Bass

Matt Pittroff- Guitar

John Vulture – Guitar

Band photo 7

The Sprouts

On Bandcamp @


Band photo 8

Life Sounds Great Vol 1 (Catonsville local music compilation)

On iTunes @


Band photo 9

Life Sounds Great Vol 2 (Catonsville local music compilation)

On iTunes @


Baltimore, The City That Breeds (Baltimore music compilation)

On Discogs @


Thanks for the support!!

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