Sun Rider 9 Productions LLC is a film production and promotional company dedicated to independent musicians and businesses for the purpose of creating and promoting affordable videos and documentaries. Sun Rider 9 also specializes in promoting live events, shows and music festivals.

For the latest on our Sun Scape Live events visit https://sunscape.live. And be sure to see all of our latest updates on festivals under the Festival section.

Sun Rider 9 also produces and records albums under our independent label Sun Rider 9 Records.

Sun Rider 9 Productions offers short promo and independent music videos for as little as $500. We are proficient with drone usage as well as green screens, professional lighting and high quality footage to get the right look.

We also specialize in affordable promotional videos for small businesses as a way to help smaller and up and coming businesses grow without breaking the bank.

For more information please contact JD Barth @ sunrider9productions@gmail.com or by phone @ (443)-789-3061

Basic Information:

Sun Rider 9 Productions is a film maker, promoter and an event coordinator based in Catonsville, Maryland. The company officially began in February 2018 when production began for the first documentary film about Catonsville music.

Products and Services:

We specialize in creating music events, film, and business promotions.Sun Rider 9 has a long history of setting up successful music shows and festivals. From smaller weekly events to the larger multiple stage festivals, we offer an assortment of services that can set up any event you are looking for from start to finish.

Weekly Events & Private Parties:

If you are a business owner looking for music in your establishment Sun Rider 9 will hire the bands, provide full sound and a PA System, lighting and sound technicians. We will also advertise and promote the events using social media, the Sun Scape Live website, and in some instances radio ads and billboards.

Sun Scape Live events have been held around Catonsville including State Fare, The Caton Tavern, El Guapo, and the 818 Market. We’ve hired some well known talents for events such as G Love, The Nude Party, Crack the Sky, Bumpin Uglies, Jah Works and The Kelly Bell Band.


We can set up any size festival to fit your needs. From finding sponsors to help fund an event, to getting bands, stages, sound techs, sound systems, permits, cleaning crews, security, promotions, ticketing systems, setting up vendors and selling merchandise we can do it all from beginning to end. Promotions to include everything from social media, to billboards to radio advertising.

Sun Rider 9 festivals include The Music City Maryland Festival 2019, 2021 and 2022, Oktoberfest 2019, Sun Scape Live Festival 2021 and 2022, and the Reggae & Ska Fest 2022.


Sun Rider 9 specializes in making affordable videos and films for bands and musicians to help with promotion. We have several music videos and films that have won multiple awards in film festivals around the world.

Films include “Catonsville: Music City Maryland” winner of 12 film festival awards from around the world; “Tude” also a multi‚Äźaward winner; and The Sun Scape Live Movie. Music videos that have won multiple awards “See You in Hell” and “Never Wake Up in a Good Mood Again” by Sporatic Sunjam and “The Glow” by Society Fringe Players.

Business Promotions:

We provide a team of professionals from start to finish to create an affordable commercial ad or any type of business promotion you are looking for. We use state of the art video editing software, cameras and equipment and highly trained individuals who will put together an affordable and effective product.